Support Hospice

Tōtara Hospice provides palliative care to patients and families free of charge. Although we are partially funded by the government for our services at approximately 63%, this leaves a shortfall of approximately $4 million that still needs to be raised each year to continue providing our services to patients and families.  

We couldn’t do what we do without the support from our community, there are many ways to help from attending an event, making a donation to a campaign or giving in memory of a loved one to name a few. Thank you for choosing to support Tōtara Hospice and ensuring that we continue to Make Hospice Happen in your community.

As well as financial support we have over 600 volunteers that support Tōtara Hospice, if you are interested in volunteering details are here. Or if you would like to help the Hospice Retail Charity Shops learn more here