Services for Patients & Family Members​

Our vision at Tōtara Hospice is to honour living and dignify dying.  We are a certified provider of specialist palliative care services and have a large, professional multidisciplinary team including palliative care specialist doctors, nurses, cultural support and social workers amongst many others. 

Each new patient referral is triaged and supported through a pathway of services based on their individual needs.

Our services include:

Hospice Inpatient Unit (IPU)

The Inpatient Unit is based at the Tōtara Hub, 140 Charles Prevost Drive, The Gardens, Manurewa. All our rooms are private (with ensuites) allowing us to provide specialist care and support within a homelike environment 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our IPU has a focus on symptom management and end of life care.

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Hospice Care at Home/Specialist Community Palliative Care

For those whose needs can be best met at home, our community team provides hospice at home in partnership with the patient’s GP and other health care teams.

Te Puna Ora o Tōtara - Living Well Centre Programmes

The Centre incorporates a range of programmes inclusive of bit not limited to: palliative rehabilitation, cultural support, family and whānau support, social connection, education and bereavement.

Out patient clinical review is also provided along with education and bereavement support.

Te Puna Ora o Tōtara is situated at Tōtara Hub.  Programmes are supported by staff and volunteers.

Allied Health & Social Support Team 

The Allied Health and Social Support Team work across the In Patient Unit, Hospice at Home, and Te Puna Ora o Tōtara. They provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling, social work, cultural support, cultural liaison, arts therapy and spiritual support to assist and support patients and their families/whānau. 

Each team member is available to help identify and explore the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual challenges that invariably accompany a life-limiting illness.

Assisted Dying New Zealand’s End-of-Life Choice Act 2019

Assisted dying became legal in New Zealand on the 7th November 2021.

Tōtara Hospice does not conscientiously object to assisted dying.   We host assisted dying services for eligible patients who wish to access this legal choice, supporting them to access this in a seamless way, and continue to care for them and their whānau/families up until death and beyond.

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Tōtara Hospice Advice Line (09 640 0025)

Our advice line operates 7 days a week. It is managed by the registered nurses within our IPU and provides support and information 24 hours a day. This can be reached on 09 640 0025.

If we can help you or a family member please meet with your General Practitioner or medical specialist who will make a referral for us for you. For information on healthcare providers in your area, please refer to the Healthpoint website

Please find information on Referrals here

Alternatively, you can call Tōtara Hospice on our 24 hour/7 days a week line (09) 640 0025

Referrals: If you think that Hospice can help you or a loved one our patients are usually referred to Tōtara Hospice through a healthcare professional, such as a General Practioner (GP), specialist medical practitioners or community agency (Downloadable Referral Form for Healthcare Professionals)

Our Vision: Honour living, dignify dying

Our Mission: Provide leading edge hospice palliative care services to individuals and their families, care networks and communities

Our Operating Purpose: Operate a sustainable, high quality, high touch, outcomes based Hospice for the diverse communities of South and South East Auckland

If you are a Health Professional looking for educational sessions available at Tōtara Hospice on palliative care, please click here.