Other Donation Types

If you would like to donate directly please find Ways to Donate here; or read more about how you can support Tōtara Hospice through the following ways.

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A special request. 

Many families find solace in knowing that their loved one’s passing can impact the lives of others in the community.

By requesting donations in lieu of flowers, you can contribute to our work of providing care, comfort, and support to those in need.

Inform your funeral director of your preference, and they will take care of the necessary arrangements.

Or, if you prefer to manage this process yourself, we can assist by providing a donation box. Contact or please call (09) 640 0250

A timeless reminder.

If you wish to create a lasting memory here at Tōtara Hospice in the name of your loved one, we have a few options available for you and your whānau to choose from. These include memorial ceramics, brick plaques and love heart key chains.
These personalised tributes will give you an acknowledgement, within the Tōtara Hospice grounds, of your loved one’s life.
To learn more visit www.

Memorial Gifts

Thoughtful acknowledgement

Some families choose to express their heartfelt gratitude for the care their loved one is receiving during their time with us. We want to emphasis that this is entirely your choice as our services are free of charge.
Your thoughtful contributions support our work delivering care, comfort and support to terminally ill patients and their whānau ensuring they live all the life they have left, in the time they have left, in the best possible way for them.

If you would like to make a donation see Ways to Donate | Totara Hospice South Auckland

A powerful way to support our ongoing work.

You can have a direct impact on patients and whānau  each and every day by becoming a Stand by Me regular donor.
You’ll be joining a group of committed donors who make a regular donation. In doing so you become an integral part of our team helping deliver care to terminally ill patients and their families.

If you would like to become a Stand by Me donor see Ways to Donate | Totara Hospice South Auckland

Friends of Hospice is an annual donation of $50 to Tōtara Hospice that supports the day to day running of our services. Additionally you are eligible to vote in the Annual General Meeting. Please complete and return a registration form or for more information on this please call (09) 640 0250.

A gift left in your Will is a wonderful way to support the work of Tōtara Hospice beyond your lifetime. It helps ensure that our services continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing terminal illness in the future.

Leaving a Legacy in your Will is a simple thing to do and doesn’t impact your current financial situation. It gives you comfort, knowing that your future gift will be responsible for leading edge palliative care for the next generation and beyond.

Find out more by downloading the Guide to Leaving a Legacy or call us on (09) 640 0250.

To download a copy of our A Guide to Leaving a Legacy please click here.

  • Payroll Giving gives employees the opportunity to donate money to a registered non-profit organisation through their pay.
  • Firstly, check with your employer that they can support Payroll Giving – Once set up, your employer will take care of donating for you and organise your donation directly through your pay.
  • Making donations directly through Payroll Giving to Tōtara Hospice is simple for employees, and eliminates the need to keep receipts to make tax rebate claims each year. You will receive your tax rebate straight away as your PAYE is reduced accordingly, and your full donation will continue to Make Hospice Happen.
  • Payroll giving is a low cost and easy way for employers to support staff who wish to donate to charity, by making it easy for employees to give back to their community. Some workplaces offer encouragement to their staff to donate to charitable organisations by matching their donations dollar for dollar, so ask your employer if this is something they would consider.

For more information on Payroll Giving and on setting up as an employee, please click here.

Please note donated items cannot be used within the Inpatient Unit (IPU) due to Health and Safety requirements. However items can be accepted through the Hospice Shops or as a donation towards fundraising efforts - Please contact Tōtara Hospice on 09 640 0025 if you have any questions.