Corporate & School Partnership 

We are very proud of our relationships in the community with our corporate community and our local schools. If you would like your company or school to get involved simply give us a call on 09 640 0280.

Corporate Ways For Us To Work Together

Sponsoring Tōtara Hospice events can help to generate positive exposure for your company and shows a commitment to your local community. You will be joining a family of sponsors that know that their investment into the Sponsorship of the event is going to result in much needed funds for Tōtara Hospice.

Tōtara​ Hospice has an important job in our wider South Auckland Community, when an opportunity arose last year for South Auckland Motors to support the Ladies Lunch we were most excited to be involved.  The event gives us the opportunity to present our brand and products to a wide and varied audience while we support the great work that Tōtara​ Hospice do.  The marketing team at Tōtara​ Hospice are very professional and make a real effort to ensure there is tangible value in any of the sponsorships we have undertaken.  The Lunch itself gave our female staff, suppliers and customers the opportunity to connect in a fun, non-corporate environment and we have had many requests for a return spot at our table. – Michael Tappenden – Dealer Principal, South Auckland Motors

Donating gifts in kind is another way to show your support for Tōtara Hospice in a way which is relevant to your business and to our needs. We may need donations in the form of products for events, stationery, medical supplies, toiletries for our patients, or equipment for our Inpatient Unit. Food supplies are also much appreciated.

  • Payroll Giving gives employees the opportunity to donate money to a registered non-profit organisation through their pay.
  • Firstly, check with your employer that they can support Payroll Giving – Once set up, your employer will take care of donating for you and organise your donation directly through your pay.
  • Making donations directly through Payroll Giving to Tōtara Hospice is simple for employees, and eliminates the need to keep receipts to make tax rebate claims each year. You will receive your tax rebate straight away as your PAYE is reduced accordingly, and your full donation will continue to Make Hospice Happen.
  • Payroll giving is a low cost and easy way for employers to support staff who wish to donate to charity, by making it easy for employees to give back to their community. Some workplaces offer encouragement to their staff to donate to charitable organisations by matching their donations dollar for dollar, so ask your employer if this is something they would consider.

For more information on Payroll Giving and on setting up as an employee, please click here.

By donating as a company to Tōtara Hospice, you are not only helping a worthy cause, your donation is a tax deductible expense.

School Partnerships

We have fabulous relationships with our local schools and there are many opportunities for students to be involved with Tōtara Hospice.

You can host a Mufti Day, we have Hospice Angel Cookies that can be baked by the kids and on-sold. Each year we host a ‘Careers Day’ where we invite senior students from our local schools to listen to and meet a number of successful business people through a range of careers.

We also have Youth Ambassador Programme where students can register to be an Ambassador – helping us through the year with events, but additionally being an Ambassador to their school and community for Tōtara Hospice.

Who to Contact

For more information about becoming a Tōtara Hospice corporate sponsor, please contact Mel Seal on