Wishlist: Kitchen: Milk 2L - Blue Top

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Wishlist: By purchasing this Wishlist item the costs will go towards the necessary purchase of your chosen item/s.

Totara Hospice has an A-Grade kitchen which provides food for patients (staying at the Inpatient Unit and Day Hospice attendees), which sees a lot of commonly used products required.

Milk is a staple item to any kitchen, with use from making a cup of tea or coffee (for a patient or visiting family members) to ensure, where needed, breakfast, lunch, dinner (plus dessert), are catered to meet a patient’s dietary needs each day spent in the Inpatient Unit.

On average the kitchen at Totara House uses approx. 1.5Ls of milk per day – Your support of this Wishlist item for $4.70, will cover the cost of providing milk for more than one day.

These items are required to be purchased to continue providing the services of Totara Hospice. Your support through purchasing Wishlist items means available funds are able to go directly towards providing Palliative Care for terminal patients.

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