The many links of Totara Hospice name

The many links of Totara Hospice

Totara Hospice is made up of many links from our community that Make Hospice Happen, here are some of our Totara Hospice whānau sharing what Christmas and Hospice means to them.

Meri Kirihimete - Wishing you a wonderful festive season with your loved ones

Susan – Patient

I’ve been coming to Day Hospice for a number of years, I love it - I’ve only missed a few Tuesdays! They care for all of us here, I feel cared for as a person & individual. I hope everyone enjoys themselves this Christmas & have a good holy happy Christmas.

Rajita - Volunteer (15 Years Long Service Recipient)

I decided to volunteer at Totara Hospice to give back to society; New Zealand has given a lot of good things so I choose to give back in my own way. I don’t personally celebrate Christmas so usually just go out for a picnic with friends and family on the day.

Melanie – Kennerley Investments

After the help that Totara Hospice has given our family, I hope to support them on a personal and corporate level, not only this year but for many years to come. I’m excited for my pre-Christmas traditions, like making gingerbread cookies, decorating the tree and visiting the Smith & Caughey’s window!

Rauna & Pru – Husband & Patient

We think Totara Hospice is an awesomely colourful place which we’ve learnt a lot about – we are so pleased to have met heaps of cool people, just everyone – the staff, volunteers and other patients.

Jeanine - Hospice Ambassador, The Gardens School

I am a year 8 Totara Hospice Ambassador and I live nearby as well, before I thought it was a place for old people but it’s not, it’s about anyone on their end of life journey. I decided to support because they do good for people and I like to help people. I’m excited to spend time at Christmas with my family who are coming from overseas and singing carols together.

Sebastian - HALO The Band & Supporter

I will be having a quiet family Christmas in Auckland and get out of town late January. I got involved when I supported a fundraising event 8 years ago and have been supporting ever since – I love being a part of it. I’m always surprised by the amount of community support, as the hospice’s need and events get bigger and bigger.

Sua – Spiritual Care Coordinator

Since I began my role at Totara Hospice in July, I’ve discovered a great level of care around patients & their families –It’s a great place for people to come & be respected & cared for so they can focus on things that are important to them.

Wilda – Sancta Maria College Teacher

I had a number of students and friends with a connection to Totara Hospice. Each year I talk to my students about the importance of hospice and they want to take part and be involved. So they fundraise and put together special presents for some of the volunteers at Hospice, it brings us such joy.

Kathy – Manurewa Hospice Shop Manager

Mum was taken care of by Totara Hospice & after she passed I decided to do something; now I’ve been with Totara Hospice for 8 years. I was amazed at the amount of support they gave, to Mum & me after Mum went.

Charlie Watson – Totara Hospice’s Cat

This is my 6th Christmas at Totara Hospice. I love spending time with all the patients and families and sometimes – well often, I get lots of extra treats and pats! I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and thanks for all the love that you guys all share with me too.

Benny – Café Aroha Volunteer

Mum’s been a nurse at Totara Hospice for 10 years and I’ve been volunteering at Café Aroha for a few months now – I decided to since it’s good to have something to support and good to help people. Sometimes people can get stressed at Christmas but I think it’s important to be happy and with family.

Spencer - Night Market Artist & Supporter

I was proud to be able to be the inspiration towards the 2019 Farmers Christmas Bauble. The essence of the Bauble is that it represents the journey of life – multiple waves moving together as whanau. Christmas is a time to reflect on whanau that are no longer with us, also to celebrate with those who are.

Dr. James - Palliative Medicine Specialist

Christmas can be a difficult time for those facing, or have had loss – it can also be an important milestone for patients to work towards and create more memories together. In my family it’s a time we all get together & head back home to share a meal.

Sheree – Event Supporter and Supplier

Having had a family member at Totara, it has a special place in my heart – the team do an outstanding job and I’m genuinely proud to be able to help. Attending the Long Lunch not only gives me a chance to ‘give back’ but we get to see friends that we’ve made previous years, and not to mention the food!

Rosie – Fundraising Coordinator

I first came into contact with Totara Hospice in 2010 when my Nana was a patient, having volunteered for many years I’m now part of the team working to ensure other families in need can receive these services like my family did.

Destiny – Day Hospice Healthcare Assistant

Totara Hospice has aroha and manaakitanga; meaning to show respect, generosity and care for others. I was touched by hospice 15 years ago with my uncle and there was, and is, a great vibe around – people genuinely care and support the person and family during the journey.

Erin – Senior Volunteer Youth Ambassador

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from being a Totara Hospice Youth Ambassador is compassion. It is very easy to get caught up in our own lives, especially as young people. This Christmas will be spent with my family having a summer kiwi Christmas day!

Bill & Maggie – Donor and Event Supporter

We choose to support Totara Hospice as their services are available to all those who need care; we had a friend who required the services and were very impressed in the caring with dignity provided. This year we will have a Christmas get-together in January when family is over from Sydney.

Michael – Inpatient Unit Nurse

This Christmas is the first in a while I won’t be working & am looking forward to spending it with all my kids! My Christmas tradition is to start the day by jumping off the Maraetai wharf with the neighbours.

Ofila – Patient

I’ve been coming to Day Hospice for a few months now, every week I spend it with lovely people – instead of being at home staring at the TV. I was very sick last Christmas so this year I will be enjoying it with my family.

Laura – Lake Taupo Cyclist Fundraiser
Mum was in Hospice during Christmas in 2011, it was a difficult and special time; but was a safe and peaceful place to be and with its beautiful gardens. This year me and all my brothers will be home for Christmas, Mum would be quite pleased we’re all getting along – I usually take it easy and count my blessings at this time of year.

Tina – Chief Executive

Christmas in my family is one of our most favourite times of the year. It’s all about being together, lots of laughter, showing love and kindness and the shared sense of joy in our own little traditions. Working at Totara reminds us of the importance of our connections to each other and of finding happiness in the little things as well as the big. Merry Christmas all.

Sharleen - Hospice Ambassador, The Gardens School 

I applied to be a Hospice Ambassador just to help other people, I wanted to be one since my Grandma works at Middlemore and I look up to her and want to help other people. I’ve been to the Sunrise Walk, Careers Day and helped for the Ladies Lunch and Long Lunch this year. I really like at hospice the way people support, like how much they donate and do for Hospice