Round the Clock Care name

Round the Clock Care

Thanks to you, we’re working around the clock supporting patients and their whānau providing the best individual care.
Have a read over all the moving parts to see what happens on any given day, to ensure Tōtara Hospice continues to operate efficiently.

2:20am: When a patient wakes up and is feeling hungry, as they slept most of the day, our Palliative Care Nurse heads into the kitchen to make a piece of toast and cup of tea for them. 

4:45am: When a patient rings the call bell, our Palliative Care Nurse goes to the room to help turn her over for a better sleep.

8:30am: Multidisciplinary Clinical Teams meet up to talk through the cases of the patients in the community for the day.

8:30am: People & Capability Team Leader Deana welcomes an interviewee for the Reception position that is currently vacant.

9:00am: Graham who has been volunteering for 15 years now, heads from his home in Papakura to pick up patient Timi to drop him to The Living Well Centre day session.

9:00am: Retail Shop Manager, Jacky, moves the bags of donations left outside the shop to the back sorting room, and opens up the doors for shoppers.

9:15am: Wendy, Occupational Therapist, assesses a patient at their home in Howick who’s struggling with pain walking to the toilet. She shows him how to use a walker she has brought for him to use. This will help him to get to and from the toilet on his own.

9:30am: Community Nurse, Donna starts her 30 minute drive to visit 3 patients at home that Tōtara Hospice is caring for in Beachlands.

11:00am: Sandi from the Fundraising Team heads to reception to meet a family who want to have a memorial brick in the Hospice Gardens for their Mum.

12:15pm: A Community Palliative Nurse calls Dr. Morrison from a patient's home in Flat Bush to discuss with him pain medication requirements.

12:15pm: Our Housekeeping team takes the linen from the Inpatient Unit rooms to the onsite laundry downstairs for cleaning.

1:50pm: Nurse Practioner Robyn welcomes a patient to the Outpatient Clinic at Tōtara Hospice to review their current pain medication plan.

1:50pm: Manisha, Accounts Administrator does the weekly payment bill run.

2:00pm: Dr. Jap heads to the Dahlia Room to meet a patient and their family to talk through being able to head home soon and what care will be needed.

2:30pm: In the kitchen, Koha starts making the gravy and peeling potatoes for the evening’s dinner service of delicious roast chicken with honey carrots, roast potatoes and minted peas.

3:10pm: Our Clinical Coordinator takes a call from a worried daughter whose father has been drifting in and out of consciousness. The Coordinator then links the patient's Community Nurse with the daughter so support can be given.

4:00pm: Tōtara Hospice Hospitality & Catering Volunteer, Leila, takes the afternoon refreshments trolley to visit patient rooms offering beverages and a bite to eat.

6:45pm: On call Dr. Nuysink, takes a call from the Karaka Summerset Village Hospital Team who need specialist palliative advice regarding medications for a patient with kidney failure whose condition is rapidly deteriorating.

11:00pm: The Afternoon Shift Inpatient Unit team meet with the incoming Night Shift Nurses for clinical handover.