Payroll Giving name

Payroll Giving

  • Payroll Giving gives employees the opportunity to donate money to a registered non-profit organisation through their pay.
  • Firstly, check with your employer that they can support Payroll Giving – Once set up, your employer will take care of donating for you and organise your donation directly through your pay.
  • Making donations directly through Payroll Giving to Totara Hospice is simple for employees, and eliminates the need to keep receipts to make tax rebate claims each year. You will receive your tax rebate straight away as your PAYE is reduced accordingly, and your full donation will continue to Make Hospice Happen.
  • Payroll giving is a low cost and easy way for employers to support staff who wish to donate to charity, by making it easy for employees to give back to their community. Some workplaces offer encouragement to their staff to donate to charitable organisations by matching their donations dollar for dollar, so ask your employer if this is something they would consider.

Thank you for considering Payroll Giving as a way to continue Making Hospice Happen, your support through Payroll Giving to Totara Hospice helps future proof our services and provides us with sustainable monthly support to continue to provide our services.  

For more information on Payroll Giving and on setting up as an employee, please click here or contact the fundraising team by email or call 09 640 0250.