Q+A with Jack Tame - Funding Crisis name

Q+A with Jack Tame - Funding Crisis


Hospices in New Zealand are facing a funding crisis, and here at Tōtara Hospice we shared with Jack Tame and the Q+A team our story.

End-of-life care - under threat

Please send your urgent donation today

The ongoing support of our community is amazing, and your kind donations means so much to terminally ill people in your community, especially during these anxious and uncertain times.

However, we need our communities help even more, and we are asking for your urgent help today.

tara Hospice’s ability to continue to deliver services is under threat.

As featured above our CE Tina McCafferty was recently interviewed about this by Jack Tame on Q+A, TVNZ. Do take the time to watch if you can.

The pandemic has left Hospice care funding severely compromised.

We are staring down the barrel of ending the year with a $1.3 million deficit. With no wages support subsidy or any other type of relief funding from government, ongoing provision of our services is now in doubt.

At the end of the first wave of the pandemic, we had to cut the number of patient beds down to 9.  Prior to the pandemic, the income raised through our retail charity shops and fundraising events enabled us to have 12 beds available.  The result of ongoing lockdowns and disruption has meant that we haven’t recovered from this and may be forced into considering more service cuts.

We are now at tipping point. We won’t shut overnight, but over the next 2 years, we may become a shadow of ourselves. Ironically, our situation is almost terminal.

If you believe in caring for people in your community. And, understand that the services that Tōtara Hospice provides are vital for helping terminally ill people in your community live well and die with dignity. Please donate if you can.

Thanks to you, patients and their loved ones will be able to find the care, warmth and the reassurance they deserve to live out their last days with dignity.

So, we ask you – please make an urgent donation today. Your generosity will make all the difference. Any gift, no matter the amount, will be put to good use.

Thank you once again. It means so much, and right now it could literally be a lifeline.


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